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Monroe Snow and Ice Control Products


Snow Systems uses their trucks and equipment in a high chemical and high abrasive environments and uses Monroe Snow and Ice Control Products exclusively.

Powder coating is the best route for several reasons. The main reason for us is the appearance because we like to have the image of always having superior and functional equipment. For this reason a powder coat finish is the best option for us on our salt spreaders.

We also have had great results from the powder coat finish on our Snow Bully Snow Pushers. We own over 20 of them and we have never had to repaint a single one. Some of the v-boxes we have are 10 years old and have had heavy usage. They also have never been repainted. Only minor touch ups due to either driver or loader error.

We will never use any type of equipment that does not have a powder coat finish. That is one of the reasons we use Monroe Snow & Ice Control Products exclusively!

– Trevor Biebrach, Director of Operations, Snow Systems Incorporated